Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Day Today

It's been a good day for the Embrocation Team. Clearly it's too early to be scoring high placements in races. These days, our young team measures victories by accomplishing the tasks and projects necessary to get a burgeoning team off the ground.

I started the day in Nashua, NH riding with my friend and colleague, Justin Spinelli of Svelte Cycles. He kicked my butt. But what do you expect for a guy who sleeps in an altitude tent? It was good for me because, ironically, my training has been interrupted by trying to get the team off the ground. Boo hoo.

Anyway, it was a good 3 hour ride through the hills near Nashua. After, Justin nursed me back to health with a protein shake and a glass of grape juice. Seriously.

After regaining my strength I went down the street to pick up our new Embrocation T-Shirts, which will be available for sale on the website soon.

On to the next thing. Over to Merrimac, MA to visit teammate Pete Smith, who is also the mastermind behind Mad Alchemy Embrocations. Pete had just finished up our Team Edition summer embrocation. Unlike many of Pete's concoctions, this is a non-heating embrocation designed for warm weather road riding. It is a solid within the bottle, but as soon as it hits the warmth of your skin it becomes a light oil that smells of cinnamon and clove. Light and refreshing, it's yet another reason I'm ready for summer to get here.

Again, this special mixture will be available on the Embrocation online store very shortly. Stay tuned.

So, a good day and a few steps closer to the racing season and selling some really cool products to help support the team effort. More stuff to come soon...



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