Monday, July 27, 2009

Emails tell the tale: One Sunday; two races

This past weekend Team Embrocation competed at the Tour of the Hill Towns road race in central Mass. More on this later. First we examine our various efforts the following day at the local races in the Boston area. The best way to do this is share our team email thread...



It was a wonderful Sunday, where I got to see nearly all of my teammates at two separate venues - how awesome is that?

So it's 10am and I've got all kinds of time on my hands. So I sez to myself, "Kyle, you can make the most of your spare time and get your Wells on!" So I hopped in the Bullet and sped over to Newton, with kit in trunk and bike on rack.

Wells, Wells, Wells

By the time I got there, James and Chris were already lined up with
the rest of the field. After a lightning sign-in and quick kit up, I stealthily blended into the pack about 4 laps into the race. Spinelli and Skippy were there, but the field was smallish, so it was likely to be a breakaway day. Spinelli was attacking his shadow nearly every lap, and there was always an Embro man there to get in it, or keep the field in check. With around 11 to go, there was a big group of 9 or so forming that showed promise. Skip, Spinelli and Flamioso were already
up there, and I managed to bridge up solo before they got too organized. The group worked well (except when Laflamme was sprinting for the primes - nice), and we almost managed to lap the field. With 1 to go, Spinelli attacked hard and Skip covered really well. I was pulling through when it happened, so missed that one. They quickly had 300 meters, and thought we may have lost our chance, but then... out of the ashes, came a man on mission. A blur of pink, blue and green came whizzing by like a locomotive going into the first turn. KYYYYYYLE!!!!
Laflamme rode like a man possessed for 3/4 of lap, DRILLING it, and we were closing the gap in a major way. Going into the final turn, Chris had us strung out, me sitting on second wheel as he buried himself, belting a primal Embro battle cry - yeah! The gap to the break was
still about 150m, and I sprinted with about 250 to go. We caught Justin/Skip as the Embro freight train came screaming by (express, no stop) - and I got Skip by a wheel. HOORAY! So we left $20 richer, along with a huge supply of Shaklee's, and a very tight Assos headband. The booty was good.

Uh Oh - Norwell...

After Wells, James and Chris went on their merry way to ride many, many miles, while I took my shit eating grin to Norwell to do it all over again. In this story, we had myself, Peter and Jay, who was hungry from the shenanigans of yesterday. Spooky brought the house, so we knew it was going to be ON, and we ready to get in the breaks and ride to glory. But it wasn't to be for me. After 5 laps, my legs were saying, "Kyle, what the hell, man? This is NOT COOL!" My hammy cramped up immediately on the hill and I gave out my own primal scream, though
not nearly as macho as Laflamme's (this one had a hint of whimper sprinkled in for extra effect). So I stood, then sat, then stood again - then coasted the downhill at the back of the pack trying to rub it out (don't think dirty) but to no avail, so I made an immediate left to the parking lot. Pathetic.

So remember kids - on really hot, humid days, drink lots, stay cool, and maybe consider just doing one race.

Bradshaw/Combs - how did it end???"


Norwell was fast as expected. Spooky was there with major numbers. Got in an early break with Al, it came back shuffled and he went off again with Amos in tow. I think met-life were the ones who let it go. They stayed away the rest of the race. Multiple attempts by Jay and myself to get a second group up the road, but it wasn't to be. NEBC had the second largest team there with 6 or 7 guys, they attempted to get on the front to reel in the break but couldn't really get it together. Chilled out till 4 to go or something then got agressive again and tried to get away and / or keep the pace high in hopes of getting the break in sight. No avail. Spooky set up the train with 1 to go but imploded in the last 300 meters. Actually heard someone say the lead out was too fast, not talking acceleration, talking about the flat run in.

Results - Kyler was out due to crushing dreams at Wells. I had no sprint after yesterday and today's pushes. Jay had a junior ride like a junior right into his front wheel: spokeys got brokeys. Luckily Jay did not going down and was able to safely stop his wobble-bike with no further damage. See attached photos of sad Jay and sad wheel.


Aw, shit. Did you throw down with the offender after the race? Show him The Brisket and take him to Champagneville?

The roads were angry with me this weekend, fellas. Angry like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli. A fall yesterday and today; a young jabroni thrust his derailleur into my front wheel in an attempt to steal my mojo during the final 1000 meters. Seriously there was maybe a foot between me and the rider in front of me and this kid tries to squeeze in. I heard the spokes blow and wobbled like a Mexican space shuttle but was able to pull through like Cougar in the opening scene from Top Gun.

Dale Champagne is nothing if not a gentlemen, so no, I did not throw down after the race and the lad did not have to face the wrath of my fleecy and well oiled brisket. There were two of these youngsters and I wasn't sure which was the culprit so I filed a complaint with the race officials. I'm sure that will teach 'em. Also after consulting with Bradshaw, who rode a nice, aggressive race, I'd like to propose no more mixing categories with juniors, masters, riders with disc wheels, or with TT helmets.

I'd also like to give the Dale Champagne Perseverance Award to T-Shirt man who showed up at Norwell today. For those who attended Yarmouth you no doubt remember the gentlemen who raced in his t-shirt, cargo shorts, and saddlebag. Well he showed up ready to race today with full kit in hand. Well done T-Shirt man.

Shout out to Kyler for starting and looking good even after racing wells.

So long story short I need to rebuild my DT Swiss wheel, glue a new tire onto my Reynolds wheel, and am the recipient of the Dale Champagne Thanks For Coming Out Award for the weekend.

Good seeing you all this weekend I'll be in Philly next weekend but back and ready for Tokeneke the following week.



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