Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Ride/Food Report

Good showing from the Embrocation team riders this weekend both on and off the race course. In sitting down to write this, however I realize that it's going to be less about the riding that we do and more about the food we eat at various points in said ride.

Saturday was our now-traditional weekend morning ride from Cafe Fixe in Washington Square, Brookline. I'm not sure exactly how this ride came about but I do believe it was Dave Chiu of the NEBC team who turned us on to Cafe Fixe as a place to start our weekend sojourns.

Cafe Fixe owner, Max, has been very good to us and allows us to scuff up his nice hardwood floors with our cleats. He even takes an interest in our rides, teams etc.

His welcoming attitude to cyclists aside, he also offers some tremedously delicious coffee beverages and baked goods to get us sugared up before we hit the road.

We had a fairly large contingent joining us on this particular Saturday - 13 riders in total started with us heading west toward the Framingham area. We had riders from Embrocation, NEBC, Cambridge, MetLife and Kenda/Spooky joining us. This was the scene outside Fixe just before go time:

Like I said, good showing.

The route was out west, through Weston, Wayland and north of Framingham then south, across Rt.9 to Holliston. From there, we took the long way to Dover for another lunch stop. The ride had been hard-paced so food was a necessity by this point.

85ish miles, at 18+ mph average. Not the longest ride of the year, but the fastest average helped in large part by a tail-wind on our way out and some serious pace-lining on the way back in.

Sunday - Wells Ave. Jay, Gustavo, me. Good showing as we raced aggressively, went on the attack a bunch (Jay), pulled back several dangerous breaks (me) and sat in the back until the end (Gus). I was able to slot in behind Mark McCormack for the final sprint, which helped me take 5th or 6th. Jay blew himself up trying to get away with 2 to go, a bold move that has worked for him before.

After the race, out to Dover for an easy hour warm-down ride and, of course, food.


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