Friday, March 27, 2009

Man down, but ok.

If someone asked me to make a macabre bet as to which team rider would suffer an accident first this year, my money would NOT be on Cory Burns. After all, he's the only one of us who doesn't ride every day on the lovely New England roads, surrounded by the well-tempered Boston drivers. He's from Watertown, New York. (Brownie points to anyone who can tell me where that is without consulting a map.) Being from upstate NY myself I can tell you that while the redneck driver factor is relatively high, this is more than balanced out by the lack of traffic and the wide-open roads.

Despite this, Cory had a bit of a run-in with a van last week while out training on his TT bike. He's going to be ok - nothing broken on his body. His beautiful Cannondale Slice TT bike is, well, not so ok. Take it out back and shoot it, Cory. Don't let it suffer anymore.


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