Thursday, April 23, 2009

Battenkill: Post Race Carnage Report

As I write this we're still waiting for final results to come in on several of our riders. Compliments must be paid to Dieter who put together another awesome Tour of the Battenkill this year. The new course was great, the organization was solid and the fields were large and competitive. Problems with accurate results persist, but this technical glitch ought not to cast a shadow over the success of the race.

So, here's how it went down for us:

Cat 1 field - Bradshaw and Burns raced solidly, both finishing in the mid twenties in a stacked Pro/1 field. Cory was active in chasing down attacks and breaks the entire race, while Bradshaw applied pressure on the final climb to shake loose a good number of chasing riders.

Cat 2 field - Josh cracked his front wheel at some point during the race but was able to ride in with the lead group for a 19th place finish. James suffered a flat tire while in the lead group with about 20k to go and chased the remainder of the race. While chasing, James picked up Jay who had been caught up in a crash and was unable to shift properly after. Those two chased the lead group in for 38th and 39th place, respectively.

Cat 3 field - Jeremy Dunn was in the break with a very good shot at a victory. He flatted on the final climb and despite some key teamwork from Pierre, who gave up his front wheel for Jeremy, he was unable to catch the eventual race-winning group and finished in the low twenties. Still, not bad.

All told, the team put in solid performances that were, in some cases, thwarted by mechanical problems. Such is the nature of all races, most especially the Battenkill.

Despite our numerous mechanical issues, the team rode very well together. Hopefully we used Battenkill to work all the kinks out of our system and used up all our bad luck in one spot. Next on the calendar: Turtle Pond and Quabbin this weekend.


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