Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Spring - Straight on to Summer

We had a double race weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. Both days featured very un-April-like weather with highs in the 80s. Saturday was the Turtle Pond Circuit Race in Loudon, NH put on by the MetLife team. They did an excellent job with organization and running the race. Compliments are due to them. Sunday was the Quabbin Reservoir Road Race, which is one of Mike Norton's races and replaces the Sturbridge race on the calendar. Despite suffering some organizational problems, the race venue was as scenic as the come and the course was quite good. All in all, a good race. More on that later.

Results for both races will be posted on the team website soon.

It's always hard to tackle the first truly hot race of the year. We become used to training and racing in the cold so much so that even mild weather feels extremely hot when it arrives. To go from winter to summer in a matter of few weeks can be a shock to the system. Saturday's race at Turtle Pond was our first effort in summer heat. The entire field suffered and many riders dropped out. We were very fortunate to have several supporters in the feed zone for this race. They did a fantastic job helping us survive the extremely hot, dry conditions by keeping us supplied with water - at least one bottle every lap seemed to be the necessity. Our feeders also had enough hands to lend assistance to our friends on the Kendy/Spooky team, who also rode a great race.

Better to tell this story in pictures:

Embrocation on and ready to go. For this race we used Mad Alchemy Summer edition.

Josh fuels up just before the start.

The Pro 1/2 field rolls out.

Bradshaw reaches for a bottle as he tries to bridge up to the breakaway.

The main field was only about 8 riders strong as they came through the feed zone on the final lap.

Josh had a tough day and decided it best to drop out - he was in good company as many other riders made the same decision.

Josh then added to our feeding efforts for the remainder of the race.

... and then gets down to business modeling Embrocation socks.

Jay manages a smile as he rides solo between the break and the main field.

Bradshaw had the best finish of the team despite suffering some mechanical issues. He rolls in solo.

The team assembles after a hot and difficult race.


Blogger Josh said...

I knew it was time to drop out when the Masters 75+ field rolled past me. Earlier in the day, a guy rolled up next to me and said, "This heat is kicking me in the balls".

My sentiments exactly. I hope I adjust to this heat sometime soon.


April 26, 2009 at 6:06 PM  

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